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Hee Clariones! (This is what I call my readers!)

I want to be loud and clear about my blogs. They will be vulnerable at times. They might make you happy, sad or mad. They might be hard to read or you totally disagree with me. Who knows, you might not get it at all. All of the reactions above are welcomed around here. Dealing and talking about shame is not always a walk in the park. But I demand of you to respect me and my platform.


I also want to invite you to wrestle with whatever emotions pop up around here. Get curious about what you are feeling. Think about it. Then come back and share your experience with me, okay?


I am aiming for Christleclarione to be a safe place where readers can see their struggles written out and think “Darnitt! I can identify with carrying that turtle. Heavy bastard he is!” I hope this will make people feel less alone or weird. 


Lastly, I will try to steer away from advice because honestly.. we’re all just making it up as we go. You are the only person that knows what the best choice is for you. I might tell you what decision I took myself, but it is up to you to roll with it or leave it here. I will however, try to empower you in every single blog. Cause life can be hard and we can all use some encouragement at times.


Enjoy the read! And drop that turtle!


How Russia’s attack on Ukraine made me explore my privilege and shame

Privilege explained in my own very basic language: Privilege is a right/steppingstone you have which helps you get further in life but you haven't earned it (by hard work). It might be because you inherited money or property. You can be privileged if you are considered to be good looking/pretty or if you are able bodied. These are just a few examples. There are many ways of being privileged.

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